Off By One Studios

Off By One Studios LLC is a video game development studio based out of Bellingham, Washington. We are currently working on an open source and highly modular game engine called Craft Engine while developing our first (as of yet announced) game. Since we formed in 2013, we have always planned to make a new breed of strategy eSport once our engine is ready to develop on. Sometimes we blog about video games, game development, programming, and eSports.

Game Development

We aim to create an entirely new genre of strategy eSport, and have big plans to change to the ways in which online games are developed. We're currently working on an as-of-yet announced game for the PC.

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Craft Engine

Off By One's baby, Craft Engine looks to be the first fully open source, cross platform, highly modern game engine of its kind.

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Madz is an in-house plugin system used to build large projects like game engines. Its multilingual, multi-platform, and very flexible.

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